Install Dell OpenManage on CentOS 6.x

The Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on is a great (and free) Dell hardware monitoring and management system available for Windows and RedHat Linux. It can also be installed on CentOS 6.0 (32bit and 64bit) using the following process:

1. Login to your server via SSH.
2. Change directories to your SRC install

# cd /usr/src

3. Create an install script:

# nano -w

4. Cut and paste the following text:

# Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Installer
# Revision: July 22nd 2011
D=`date '+%d%m%y'`
echo "Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Automatic Installer"
echo "Revision: July 22nd 2011"
echo "Installing Dell Yum Repository..."
wget -q -O - | bash
echo "Dell Repository Install Complete!"
echo "Installing Dell Server Administrator..."
yum -y install srvadmin-all
echo "Dell Server Administrator Install Complete!"
echo "Starting Dell IPMI Services..."
/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/ start
echo "Dell OpenIPMI & Dell OpenManage Install Complete!"
echo "Please go to http://$HOST:1311 in order to access Dell OpenManage."

5. Save and exit nano (CTRL+X the Y to Save then exit)

6. Run the script:

# sh

7. Once the script has complete you will be able to login to Dell OpenManage at http://your-server:1311 with your root username and password.

Note: If you receive dependency errors I recommend force uninstalling the problematic packages (e.g. rpm -e –nodeps $packagename), completing the OpenManage install then re-install the package again.


  1. Paco Sanchez

    This doesn’t work, I get No package srvadmin-all available…

  2. Don

    Installed this on a CentOS 6.1 box.

    When I use lynx to connect to it locally, it comes up, but if I connect remotely, it looks like it’s about to start and then goes to a blank white page. Anyone seen this before? Do I need to add something to acl.ini to allow remote access to it from another machine? (I did turn off the firewall temporarily to make sure this wasn’t the problem)

  3. Dario

    Same for me … No package srvadmin-all available…

  4. Rob

    Does not work on CentOS 6.2, get No package srvadmin-all available.

  5. works perfectly for me on CentOS 6.2, thanks alot! 🙂

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