Install Dell OpenManage on CentOS 6.x

The Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on is a great (and free) Dell hardware monitoring and management system available for Windows and RedHat Linux. It can also be installed on CentOS 6.0 (32bit and 64bit) using the following process:

1. Login to your server via SSH.
2. Change directories to your SRC install

# cd /usr/src

3. Create an install script:

# nano -w

4. Cut and paste the following text:

# Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Installer
# Revision: July 22nd 2011
D=`date '+%d%m%y'`
echo "Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Automatic Installer"
echo "Revision: July 22nd 2011"
echo "Installing Dell Yum Repository..." Continue reading "Install Dell OpenManage on CentOS 6.x"

Lost Dell DRAC Password

If you’ve lost (or miss-placed) the password for a Dell Remote Access Card (DRAC) in a Dell PowerEdge server, you can follow this process to reset the password on the local server.

DRAC 4 Card

1. Check the administrator ID , note that on the DRAC 4, the first index slot is “root” by default.

$racadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 1

2. Reset the administrator password:

$racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 1 “newpasswordhere“

DRAC 5 Card

1. Check the administrator account, note that the DRAC 5 index 1 is “Administrator”, index 2 is “root”.

$racadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 2

2. Reset the administrator password:

$racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 “newpasswordhere“

This process will work in Windows or Linux, using the command line.

Finding out the Dell Service Tag from Linux

Scenario: You need to place a service call to Dell in order to have them replace a failed drive in your Dell PowerEdge server running CentOS Linux. Your server is located in a data center 800 miles away. You need the Dell Service Tag in order to request support but don’t have it documented locally, what do you do?

On Dell servers running Linux you can run:

[root@server ~]# dmidecode | grep -i “serial number”

In order to identify the machines registered service tag. Output will be similar to the following:

[root@vh1 ~]# dmidecode | grep -i “serial number”
Serial Number: 515E5151
Serial Number: ..CN1234567AABBRR.
Serial Number: 515E5151

Where “515E5151” is the service tag.

Dell OpenManage on CentOS 5.x

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is a suite of tools provided by Dell for managing an individual server. Dell provides a Windows installation tool set on their support website but information pertaining to the installation on non-supported Dell operating systems (e.g. CentOS, Fedora) is a little hard to find.

If your running Dell branded servers with CentOS 5.x and need to install the current version of Dell OpenManage and OpenIPMI, the following script will automate the process.

1. Login to your server.
2. cd /usr/src Continue reading “Dell OpenManage on CentOS 5.x”