Install Dell OpenManage on CentOS 6.x

The Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on is a great (and free) Dell hardware monitoring and management system available for Windows and RedHat Linux. It can also be installed on CentOS 6.0 (32bit and 64bit) using the following process:

1. Login to your server via SSH.
2. Change directories to your SRC install

# cd /usr/src

3. Create an install script:

# nano -w

4. Cut and paste the following text:

# Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Installer
# Revision: July 22nd 2011
D=`date '+%d%m%y'`
echo "Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Automatic Installer"
echo "Revision: July 22nd 2011"
echo "Installing Dell Yum Repository..."