How to install Aastra XML scripts for Elastix

For those who are not familiar with the scripts, here is a simplified list of what the scripts can do for you:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Aastra XML scripts, here is a simplified list of what they provide:

  • Self-provisioning, when you plug an Aastra phone on the network, the phone automatically discovers the Elastix server and prompts the user for a username and password. After that, the phone is fully configured. Zero touch.
  • Server side DND and CFWD, you can now enable/disable DND and CFWD from the phone without using a star code, a LED will tell you if the feature is enabled.
  • Visual Voice mail, access to your messages and configure your VM box without calling the mail box.
  • Find-me follow-me configuration
  • ACD agent login/logout
  • ACD queues status
  • Presence
  • PBX Directory, speed dial
  • Visual parking lets you see who is parked and allows pickup
  • Meet-me conference manager

The scripts provide a significant number of end user as well as admin functions.


From the console, logged in as root:

cd /usr/src
gunzip install-aastra-xml-EL.x.gz
chmod +x install-aastra-xml-EL.x

Once this completes run:


This will create /tftpboot/aastra.cfg and then REBOOT the server.

Once the server has rebooted you must install a patch which resolves bugs in Aastra XML identified during beta testing:

cd /usr/src
chmod +x

The installation script will also install the latest general availability (GA) firmware.

To access the Aastra XML documentation please vist:


  1. Vedeae

    Thank you!! I have been looking for info on this ………………… I didn’t install the patch and had problem.

  2. Eric

    When I put Aastra XML v2.3.1 scripts on a new system I could not get automated phone systems to work. I use Trixbox and old (2) Aastra 57i and (1) Aastra 57i CT. For those that have 6757i’s I have talked to Aastra and they are basically the same phone.

    After searching the web I found that ulaw is need for DFMT to work correctly, when I checked the web interface for the phone (I clicked on Global SIP then went to Codec Preference List) I saw that was G711.u (8K) implemented. I then saw that I could implement G711.u (16k) as well, so I did and it worked. Which leads me to believe that there must be a bug in G711.u (8k) in the:

    Firmware Version3.2.2.56
    Firmware Release Code SIP
    Boot Version2.0.1.1055

    I guess all’s well that ends well.

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