How to install Aastra XML scripts for Elastix

For those who are not familiar with the scripts, here is a simplified list of what the scripts can do for you:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Aastra XML scripts, here is a simplified list of what they provide:

  • Self-provisioning, when you plug an Aastra phone on the network, the phone automatically discovers the Elastix server and prompts the user for a username and password. After that, the phone is fully configured. Zero touch.
  • Server side DND and CFWD, you can now enable/disable DND and CFWD from the phone without using a star code, a LED will tell you if the feature is enabled.
  • Visual Voice mail, access to your messages and configure your VM box without calling the mail box.
  • Find-me follow-me configuration
  • ACD agent login/logout
  • ACD queues status
  • Presence
  • PBX Directory, speed dial
  • Visual parking lets you see who is parked and allows pickup
  • Meet-me conference manager

The scripts provide a significant number of end user as well as admin functions. Continue reading “How to install Aastra XML scripts for Elastix”

WarVOX 1.0.1 – A Telephony Analysis & War Dialing Suite

WarVOX is a suite of tools for exploring, classifying, and auditing telephone systems. Unlike normal wardialing tools, WarVOX works with the audio from each call and does not use a modem directly. This allows WarVOX to find and classify a wide range of interesting lines, including modems, faxes, voice mail boxes, PBXs, loops, dial tones, IVRs, and forwarders. WarVOX provides the unique ability to classify all telephone lines in a given range, not just those connected to modems, allowing for a comprehensive audit of a telephone system.

WarVOX requires no telephony hardware and is massively scalable (and completely anonymous) by leveraging Internet-based VoIP providers. A single instance of WarVOX on a 1 mbit broadband connection, with a typical VoIP account, can scan over 1,000 numbers per hour. The speed of WarVOX is limited only by downstream bandwidth (64k per 711u channel) and the limitations of the VoIP service. Using four providers with over 80 concurrent lines we have been able to scan entire 10,000 number prefixes within 90 minutes! Continue reading “WarVOX 1.0.1 – A Telephony Analysis & War Dialing Suite”