Dell OpenManage on CentOS 5.x

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is a suite of tools provided by Dell for managing an individual server. Dell provides a Windows installation tool set on their support website but information pertaining to the installation on non-supported Dell operating systems (e.g. CentOS, Fedora) is a little hard to find.

If your running Dell branded servers with CentOS 5.x and need to install the current version of Dell OpenManage and OpenIPMI, the following script will automate the process.

1. Login to your server.
2. cd /usr/src
3. nano -w
4. Cut and paste the following text:

# Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Installer (m)
# Revision: 030609-1
D=`date ‘+%d%m%y’`

echo “Dell OpenIPMI & OpenManage Automatic Installer”
echo “Revision: 030609 m”
echo “Installing Dell Yum Repository…”
wget -q -O – | bash
echo “Dell Repository Install Complete!”
echo “Installing Dell Server Administrator…”
yum -y install srvadmin-all
echo “Dell Server Administrator Install Complete!”
echo “Starting Dell IPMI Services…”
/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/ start
echo “Dell OpenIPMI & Dell OpenManage Install Complete!”
echo “Please go to http://$HOST:1311 in order to access Dell OpenManage.”

5. Save and exit nano (CTRL+X the Y to Save then exit)
6. Run the script: sh
7. Once the script has complete you will be able to login to Dell OpenManage at http://your-server:1311 with your root username and password.

For more information on Dell’s Open Source initiatives click here.

3 Replies to “Dell OpenManage on CentOS 5.x”

  1. Christopher,

    thanks for this – it works great on a PE2850 – even running parallels virtuozzo vzkernel.


  2. This is great thanks! the only problem is when I run omreport storage vdisk. I get no info see:

    List of Virtual Disks on Controller (Slot )

    Nothing in this area.

    Do you have any advice?

  3. What server model are you working with?

    Without knowing the server series, I suggest you make sure you have your BIOS and RAID controller firmware up to date.

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