Restore a single domain in Plesk 9.2.1 (Linux)

If you have correctly configured your Plesk backups, using the ‘pleskbackup’ command line utility then single domain restores don’t have to be complicated!

Note that this outline expects that you have a pleskbackup script similar to the following in place at /etc/cron.daily/z-plesk-backup:

echo Plesk Nightly Backup
/bin/mv /psabu/dump6 /psabu/dump7
/bin/mv /psabu/dump5 /psabu/dump6
/bin/mv /psabu/dump4 /psabu/dump5
/bin/mv /psabu/dump3 /psabu/dump4
/bin/mv /psabu/dump2 /psabu/dump3
/bin/mv /psabu/dump1 /psabu/dump2
/usr/local/psa/bin/pleskbackup server --output-file=/psabu/dump1
echo Backup File Sizes:
/usr/bin/du -csh /psabu/dump*
echo Backup Complete!

Restore Process

1. Make sure the domain you need to restore is not listed in the “Domains” list in Plesk.
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