Dell OpenManage Command Line

Dell’s OpenManage product consists of a number of network management and systems management applications which are made available via a secure, web-based dashboard. The dashboard is usually located a

A number of technical senarios such as restrictive firewall configurations or server level scripts may raise the need for Dell Open Manage (DOM) commands to be initiated from the command line. This short articles serves to outline some of the commands available and their use.

There are five main command line modules available for Dell OpenManage:

Command Used For Component Of
omreport Read hardware settings and state information OpenManage Server Administrator
omconfig Set hardware options like BIOS settings OpenManage Server Administrator
racadm Read or set configuration of the Dell Remote Access Card OpenManage Deployment Toolkit
syscfg Read or set BIOS options OpenManage Deployment Toolkit
raidcfg Read or set options for the RAID controller OpenManage Deployment Toolkit

Each of these commands can be initialized from the bash shell (Linux) or command line (Windows) in the same way any other system application can be ran.

An example is outlined below:

[root@server ~]# omreport chassis temps
Temperature Probes Information

Main System Chassis Temperatures: Ok

Index                     : 0
Status                    : Ok
Probe Name                : PROC Temp
Reading                   : 48.0 C
Minimum Warning Threshold : 10.0 C
Maximum Warning Threshold : 120.0 C
Minimum Failure Threshold : 5.0 C
Maximum Failure Threshold : 125.0 C

Other command line examples are available at: and instructions on install Dell OpenManage for Linux are available in my blog here.