Untangle Captive Portal Customization

The Untangle Unified Threat Management (UTM) system includes a Captive Portal which can be useful for managing and restricting access on a wireless hotspot.

The Captive Portal can be customized to include your own logo, portal icon, login button and favorite icon by modifying the following files:

1. Branding Logo - /var/www/images/BrandingLogo.gif

2. Captive Portal Favicon – /var/www/images/favicon-captive-portal.png

3. Captive Portal Icon – /var/www/skins/default/images/user/icon_captive_portal.png

4. Green Login button – /var/www/skins/default/images/user/green-button-background-3.gif

5. Green Login button (mouseover) – /var/www/skins/default/images/user/green-button-background-3_f2.gif

These files can be modified by uploading replacement images via SFTP. I recommend renaming the original so that you have a backup in case of any issues.

Once you have uploaded the edited images use the “View Page” feature within the Untangle management interface to test the page.