Tunlr: Access streaming services from anywhere!

Tunlr provides a free DNS proxy service which allows individuals living overseas to access streaming media services in the US and UK as well as several other western countries.

Streaming services supported include:

  • Hulu / Hulu Plus
  • MTV
  • CBS
  • ABC
  • Pandora

How does it work?

Tunlr readdresses various DNS data envelopes sent between your computer and the streaming service provider in order to transparently “trick” the streaming system into thinking you are based in the US or UK.

How do I configure Tunlr?

Configuring your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or other media device is use Tunlr is as easy as configuring your primary DNS server to: and your secondary DNS server to:

Note: These DNS server IP addresses are prone to change. Visit the configuration link below for updated DNS server IP’s.

Instructions for a variety of devices are available here. Once you have made the configuration changes visit the Tunlr status page to confirm that your settings are correct.