Managing Privileged Access to Windows Servers

Even for small teams working with a handful of servers, managing privileged access can make the difference between stable, secure systems and uncontrolled change that imperils a company’s systems and data. As networks grow, the need to manage privileged access to servers as a means of basic security and change control is simply unavoidable and might also be a prerequisite for regulatory compliance. Let’s dive into the access problems that many companies face, then walk through some basic steps that can put your organization on the right path to more secure systems.

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Double items in Outlook 2007/2010 tasks list

When I schedule something in my Outlook calendar or a task list, the appear twice in tasks panel. If I delete one, both are deleted! What’s wrong?

This issue can be caused by problems in the ‘to-do bar’. To reset your Outlook to-do bar to the default configuration:

1. Click ‘Start’
2. Click ‘Run’
3. Type: outlook.exe /resettodobar

Outlook will launch with your to-do bar re-configured. You may then close and re-open Outlook normally.

Note: Many users experience this issue after opening an Outlook 2003 or 2007 version PST file in Outlook 2010.