Windows Server 2012 Desktop Experience

To change your User Profile picture in Windows Server 2012 the “Desktop Experience” feature is required. Desktop Experience provides a similar interface experience to Windows 8. The ‘Desktop Experience’ feature can be added under the Server Manager -> Features.

To install the Desktop Experience:

1. Select ‘Manage’
2. Select ‘Add Roles & Features’
3. Select ‘Role-based or feature-based installation’
4. Select (local server)
5. Select ‘Features’ on the left hand menu
6. Scroll down and select ‘User Interfaces and Infrastructure’
7. Check the ‘Desktop Experience’ box
8. Click ‘Install’
9. Once the installation completes you will need to reboot your server.

Once your server has rebooted, login and you will now have Windows 8 desktop functionality as part of your Windows Server 2012. Features and functionality are outlined here.