SharePoint SUSHI

SharePoint SUSHI is a powerful, user-friendly utility designed to simplify common Microsoft SharePoint management tasks.  SUSHI simplifies backups, list migrations, security reporting and data import/export. Think of SUSHI as the “swiss army knife” for SharePoint

SUSHI = SharePoint Utility with a Smart, Helpful Interface




  • Copy View Copy a view from one SharePoint list to another.
  • Meta Data Get detailed information about metadata in a list. Move metadata from one column to another for all items in a list. And more.
  • Bulk List Creation Create a large number of subsites based on a site template.
  • Bulk Site Columns Create Site Columns.
  • Import Documents Upload entire file structures from a file share into a document library.
  • Delete Old Documents Copy documents older than a specified date to an archive folder and then delete from SharePoint.



SUSHI can be downloaded here.