Microsoft SQL Database Consistency Checks

If you are backing up a Microsoft SQL server, it’s advisable to perform a consistency check, post backup. If the consistency check fails you will need to runa manual check in order to identify and resolve any issues. These instructions are for SQL Server 2005.

1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL server.
2. Browse to the database which is reporting consistency check errors
3. Ensure the database is highlighted in the Object Explorer pane.
4. Click the New Query button.
5. In the pane which opens, enter DBCC CHECKDB
6. Click Execute (or press F5)
7. The check may take a little while to run. The results are displayed in the Messages window.
8. If the check completed successfully, the messages should end with CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 0 consistency errors in database ‘your-database’.

This process was derived from the Microsoft Technet article here, which also details the test carried out.