Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 Hacks & Tricks

Ranger 1As a service to others and a reminder to myself I am going to use this post to document various hacks and tricks I have discovered with the 2014 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2. Most if not all of these tricks will work on other Ford Ranger models and on some Ford vehicles.

1. Follow Me Home Lights

When you exit your vehicle and don’t want the “follow me home” safety lights or parking lights on, simply flash the head light flasher (left stick) and they will go out. You can also use this to turn the light on and off when the engine is turned off.

2. Roller Shutter (Wildtrak Only)

If you want to open the roller shutter a quarter-way (rather than fully), when you open the shutter grab the return strap and pull it to the left. This resets the latch mechanism and the shutter will stop at the first latching point. If you want to open the roller shutter completely pull the strap to the right and the latching mechanism will release.

3. Seatbelt Alarm

A seatbelt alarm sounds in the Ranger when the speed exceeds 20 km/hr and the driver or front passanger are not wearing a seat belt. Whilst this is a great safety feature it can also be a great irritation if you are simply moving your card in your drive way. To disable the seatbelt alarm completely:

a.  Turn key to ignition or start car,
b. Wait for seatbelt indicator light to go out on the dash,
c. Plug in and unplug seatbelt 4 times within 10 seconds, the seatbelt warning light will flash for a few seconds,
d. Once the seatbelt warning light stops flashing then the seatbelt alarm will be disabled for that seat. Repeat for any other seat/s in the vehicle as needed.

4. Window Reset

If you experience issues with your windows auto up/auto down after having had the battery disconnected:

a. Run window all the way up & release the switch,
b. Push switch up for another 5 sec or so, you will hear a click,
c. Run window all the way down and repeat the release, reapply, hold on sequence,
d. Window should now work with auto up and down.

5. Headlight Auto Mode Auto Off / Parker Lights Off

In headlight auto mode, if you want your headlights to switch of immediately when locking your ranger dip your high beam stalk once.

To turn of your parker lights off when door/doors left open dip your high beam stalk twice, this will lessen your chances of a flat battery.