Cisco Tips & Tricks

Here’s a few helpful Cisco commands:

1. Reset an interface to its defaults: apx-fx#default interface Gi1/0/1 where Gi1/0/1 is the interface name.

2. Show Cisco Device Neighbors using CDP: apx-fx#show cdp neighbors

3. Extend Terminal Length for long config viewing: apx-fx#term len 0

4. Show Cisco Aironet Client Associations: apx-fx#sh dot11 associations

5. Show Adjacent Cisco Access Points: apx-fx#sh dot11 network-map

6. Using the Cisco escape sequence to abort a command: CTRL + Shift + 6

7. Clock Configuration: Config# clock timezone Central -6, clock set hh:mm:ss dd month yyyy

8. Switch Command Options: Here

9. Link Aggregation Control Protocol Options: Here.

This list will continue to grow as time permits.