Cisco Linksys Secret CLI

Cisco’s consumer branded “Linksys” SRW, SFE and SGE switches have a “hidden” light-weight command line interface (LCLI) which is very similar to Cisco’s IOS command line environment. Here’s how to access it:

1. SSH, Telnet or Console into your switch as you normally would. Note: Do not use the web interface.

2. Login to the menu system using your existing admin account.

3. Once logged in type:

# execute

4. You should receive a response that says “Operation Complete”.

5. At the Switch “Main Menu” press:


6. A carrot (>) command line will appear. Type:

# lcli

Then press enter.

7. Login again using your admin account and you will be in the Light-weight Command Line Interface (LCLI).

8. Type: ? for possible commands.

Note: There is no need to “write mem”, all changes are committed immediately. “show startup” will dump the switch configuration, to disable console logging type “no logging console”, ‘show bridge addr” will dump the CAM table, “show inter status” which show you switch port status.