Site Status

The site theme and some content is currently broken. I’m working on fixing this as soon as possible and will be back to regular posts next week.

Thanks for your patience.

The site’s been fixed, ugpraded to the latest WP build and a new theme installed. Now I’ll get back to posting…

New Site!

I’ve been planning to re-do and re-launch the site (and all its aliases) for some time but haven’t had the time. After reviewing options, I came to the conclusion that sometimes simple is simpler and have decided to settle on WordPress as content management system.

My plan for the site is to post technical documentations, project information, blurbs about technology and other random items. I hope to consolidate a large number of technical how-to’s into a single location. After the previous incarnation fell apart, its my hope that this site will be a long term resource.

I will post articles as often as I’m able to and look forward to input and idea’s. Bare with me as I get various site components up and running.