1337day.com – Security Exploit Archive Back Online!

I am pleased to see one of my favorite security vulnerability, exploit and 0day sites back online, 1337day.com.

In the last year, various agencies and government bodies have become increasingly aggressive in their take downs of exploit and vulnerability resources. In most cases, domain names are confiscated and hosting provides are advised of terms of service (TOS) violate. Websites such as Milw0rm and Inj3ct0r were taken down earlier this year and 1337day’s old domains including: inj3ct0r.com , inj3ct0r.org , inj3ct0r.net , 0xr00t.com , 0x0day.com, 1337db.com were also shut down.

1337day.com is now back online and hosted at volia.com in the Ukraine. In the event their new domain name (1337day.com), registered at moniker.com is suspended, the site will be accessible at: